Virtual Bra Fittings Refer To The Process Of Getting Fitted For A Bra Remotely, Typically Through An Online Platform Or Video Call. Instead Of Visiting A Physical Store For A Fitting, Customers Can Connect With A Lingerie Expert Or Consultant Virtually To Receive Personalized Advice And Guidance On Finding The Right Bra Size And Style.

Here's How Virtual Bra Fittings Typically Work:

Online Consultation: Customers Schedule An Appointment For A Virtual Fitting Through The Lingerie Brand's Website Or Platform. They May Provide Some Basic Information About Their Body Measurements And Bra Preferences Beforehand.

Video Call: At The Scheduled Time, The Customer Connects With A Lingerie Expert Or Consultant Via Video Call. During The Call, The Consultant Will Ask Questions About The Customer's Bra Preferences, Lifestyle, And Any Specific Fit Issues They May Have.

Measurement Guidance: The Consultant May Provide Instructions On How To Take Accurate Measurements At Home Using A Measuring Tape. They May Also Ask The Customer To Try On Different Bras To Assess Fit And Offer Feedback.

Recommendations: Based On The Customer's Measurements And Preferences, The Consultant Will Recommend Bra Styles And Sizes That Are Likely To Provide The Best Fit And Support. They May Also Offer Tips On Bra Care, Styling, And Accessorizing.

Follow-Up Support: After The Virtual Fitting, Customers May Have Access To Follow-Up Support Via Email Or Chat For Any Additional Questions Or Concerns They May Have.

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