A Plunge Bra Is A Type Of Brassiere Characterized By A Deep V-Shaped Neckline Between The Cups, Designed To Create Cleavage And Enhance The Appearance Of Low-Cut Outfits. This Style Typically Features Cups That Are Angled Towards The Center, Providing Lift And Support While Remaining Discreet Under Revealing Necklines. Plunge Bras Are Popular Choices For Wearing With Tops And Dresses With Plunging Necklines, Offering A Flattering And Supportive Option For Various Body Types.

A Plunge Bra Is Defined By The Deep Neckline Leading Down To A Low Centre Gore. Not The Historic Gore, Representing A Characteristically Triangular Piece Of Land Or The West Ethiopia City Gore And Certainly Not The Gore Where Blood Has Been Shed, As A Result Of Violence …Ok I Digress. In This Instance, It's ‘A Triangular Or Tapering Piece Of Material Used In Making A Garment, Sail, Or Umbrella’. Who Knew That There Were So Many Gores?!

The Gore Is The Centre Of The Cups Where The Underwire Forms A Little Bridge.


The Shape Of A Plunge Bra Can Vary A Lot, Some Plunge Bras May Look More Like A Full Cup Bra Or A Balconette Bra. Let’s Take A Closer Look.

These Two Styles Are Described By Their Manufacturers As A Plunge Bra Yet They Have A Significant And Obvious Difference In The Gore Height, Don’t They? The Style On The Left Could Be Described As A Balconette, Or Even A Full Cup Bra.

Plunge Bra Facts

  • The Underwire Is Shorter Than Others Which Means There Is No Wire Poking Into Your Chest Bone, This Works Particularly Well For Women With Close Set Breasts
  • Plunge Bras Can Be Cut And Sew Which Means Separate Fabric Pieces Are Sewn Together Or Moulded Which Is One Piece Of Fabric. 
  • A Plunge Bra Can Give You No Cleavage Or A Mighty Cleavage, Confused Yet?
  • If You Have Wide Set Breasts A Plunge Bra With Side Support Panels Can Push Breast Tissue Toward The Centre, Oh Nice!
  • Not Always Great If Your Breasts Are Bottom Heavy And Softer On Top, Hello ‘Quad Boob’. You May Find You Don’t Fill The Top Of The Cup Or Your Breast Tissue Falls Into The Centre, And May Spill Out Of The Bra A Little. For You, Our Fitters May Suggest The Panache Ana Plunge Or A Balconette Bra With A Higher Centre Will Give You A Gorgeous Lift With More A North Facing Cleavage Without Any Spillage.



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