1. Washing:
• Handwashing Preferred: It Is Advisable To Hand Wash Lingerie Whenever Feasible. Commence By Filling A Basin Or Sink With Lukewarm Water And Adding A Mild Detergent Formulated Specifically For Delicate Fabrics.
• Soaking: Immerse The Lingerie In The Water And Allow It To Soak For Approximately 10-15 Minutes, Facilitating The Loosening Of Dirt And Oils.
• Gentle Cleansing: Gently Agitate The Lingerie In The Water, Paying Particular Attention To Areas With Stains Or Sweat Accumulation.
• Rinsing: Thoroughly Rinse The Lingerie Under Cool Running Water Until All Traces Of Detergent Are Removed.
• Avoid Wringing: It Is Imperative To Refrain From Wringing Out Lingerie As This Action Can Lead To Damage To Delicate Fabrics. Instead, Gently Press Out Excess Water Using A Clean Towel.
2. Drying:
• Air Drying Preferred: Lay The Lingerie Flat On A Clean, Dry Towel For Air Drying. Avoid Hanging Lingerie As It May Result In Stretching Of The Fabric.
• Reshaping: While The Lingerie Is Still Damp, Reshape Bras And Panties To Retain Their Original Form.
• Sunlight Avoidance: Ensure That Lingerie Is Kept Away From Direct Sunlight During The Drying Process, As Exposure To Sunlight Can Cause Colors To Fade And Delicate Fabrics To Weaken.
• Mesh Laundry Bags: When Machine Washing Lingerie, Utilize Mesh Laundry Bags To Shield It From Potential Snagging On Other Garments.
3. Storage:
• Segregation: Store Lingerie Items Separately To Prevent Tangling Or Snagging.
• Drawer Organization: Employ Drawer Dividers Or Organizers To Maintain Lingerie In An Organized Manner And Readily Accessible.
• Proper Bra Stacking: Rather Than Folding Bras In Half, Stack Them Vertically To Safeguard Their Shape And Elasticity.
• Delicate Protection: Consider Utilizing Acid-Free Tissue Paper To Cushion Delicate Items And Prevent Creasing During Storage.
4. Maintenance:
• Regular Inspection: Routinely Inspect Bra Hooks And Eyes For Any Indications Of Wear And Tear, And Replace Them As Necessary.
• Prompt Repairs: Address Any Minor Tears Or Loose Seams Promptly To Mitigate Further Damage.
• Rotation: Rotate Between Different Lingerie Pieces To Allow Them Adequate Time To Recover Their Shape Between Wears.
• Avoid Fabric Softener: Refrain From Utilizing Fabric Softener As It May Leave Behind A Residue On Lingerie And Compromise Elasticity.
5. Special Care:
• Silk Lingerie: Exercise Caution When Washing Silk Lingerie, Utilizing A Detergent Specifically Designed For Silk And Adhering Closely To The Provided Care Instructions.
• Lace Lingerie: To Preserve Delicate Lace, Exercise Care During Hand Washing And Refrain From Rubbing Or Pulling On The Lace. Lay Flat To Dry To Maintain Its Intricate Design.

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